Now more than ever it is vital to support each other and especially local businesses like the ones that have come together below to promote this message. Each of us are an important cornerstone of our community. We all employ local people, pay local taxes, support local charities & nonprofits, and are a strong part of our local economy. 

Like so many others, we have been looking for a way to do something positive and help support other local businesses. Now is the time to improve your brand, focus on those things you never have time for, and learn something new while you have the time. With this in mind we are proud to announce a free virtual roundtable series called: The Lunch Box Learning Series: Make the most of this time to make the most of your brand.  
This is a small group Zoom session (max of 20 businesses) each Thursday from12 Noon till 1 pm. These are free, positive, and built to help walk you through some of the best practices and actions that you can take now to strengthen your brand.
Weekly Topics will include: Why Google My Business is Mission Critical, Tracking My Traffic: An Intro to Google Analytics, Why Your Customer Reviews are GOLD, How To Develop Customer Experience Based Messaging, and more. Simply fill out the form below to join us!

Download our Media Kit  with Logos & Graphics here:


Click on any of the images below to learn about the local businesses that are involved:

We are promoting a mindset. This is not a club. There is no price to join. We are only asking you to take these simple steps to promote this effort: 

  • Support local businesses AS MUCH AS YOU CAN (duh).

  • Use the hashtag #LocalTogetherStronger on all of your social media and Google My Business posts. Please use this hashtag when you post pics and videos of your family and friends as they take care of each other, when you help someone less fortunate, and when your office supports a local nonprofit. 

  • Like, join, and share this effort on Facebook and Instagram with your friends, business contacts, and employees/co-workers and ask them to do the same within their networks.

We’ve already had an overwhelming number of offers with different ideas and actions from local businesses and nonprofit organizations to help promote this message. If you have any others based on what your local business/nonprofit provides then please let us know via the form below (your privacy is promised and absolutely no spam, of course). Please note there have already been a ton of responses and we are working to respond as fast as possible.

Please take care of each other. Be patient and understanding. Look out for those in need and help when and where you can. While we may be in uncharted waters we all know that the best way through this is to forge a path together, just as we all have many times before. 

The only way to get through this is together. Because we are LOCAL...and TOGETHER we are STRONGER.

Thank you - Joe Doran - Wabash & Lake Advertising


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Download our Media Kit  with Logos & Graphics here:

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