We create more than just Ads. We help our clients make a Promise.


Wabash and Lake is a multi-channel Local Advertising Agency in Richmond, VA that makes it easy for local businesses to answer these difficult questions:

  • Where should we advertise?

  • How much should we spend?

  • What works and what doesn’t?

  • Radio? Print? Digital? TV?

  • Can we even spend enough to stand out?

  • How long should we advertise?

We help local businesses answer these questions by putting your potential customer at the front of the process. Doing so allows us to build a strong brand statement then advertise smarter and more affordably than you can on your own. All ideas, strategies, and ads are focused on connecting with the hearts and minds of the savvy, local customers you need. Plus, you'll always get easy, transparent, flat rate pricing & no surprise markups, no commissions, no catch.


Wabash & Lake is honored to work with many successful businesses and nonprofits in Central Virginia and has earned the complement of being called the “anti-ad agency” in the area. Drop us a note or give us a call to see why Wabash and Lake Advertising is different and just how we can help your business stand out as well!

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What really sets your business apart? Why would customers recommend you when they have so many choices in just the Richmond market?

Your “reason why” is much more than just the product, price, or customer service you offer. It’s all of that, but...from the customer's point of view. This is where we focus our attention. Your “reason why” is actually the experience that the customer had before, during and after they worked with you. It’s why they recommend you to their friends, why they convinced their significant other to call you, and why they keep coming back.

Our process brings human values, real experiences, and authentic language to your advertising and marketing from the beginning.​

Wabash & Lake specializes in connecting with the heart and mind of your potential local customer. Compelling brands & message; structure, multi-channel strategy, and process you can rely on; plus easy, transparent pricing all leading to efficient, effective and affordable local advertising.

I'm Joe Doran, Owner & Chief Creative Strategist at Wabash & Lake Advertising. 

That's our “reason why.” So...What’s your’s?

That's our “reason why.” So...What’s your’s?

"We are here to be your partners and embed ourselves as a part of your team to make the ever-changing landscape of advertising understandable. Connecting with the hearts and minds of your potential customers is our primary focus and we help you reach them through consistent and empathetic messaging built into a strong and affordable advertising plan. "

Shelly Perkins Business Development, Creative, Strategy

Our process is built around the experiences of your potential local customers.

With over 20 years of Advertising experience in RVA, we know just how to build a successful local brand, advertising strategy, and message that is right for you and your customers. Social Media Video? Local Radio & TV? Print Ads? Podcasts? The next big idea right around the corner? No matter where your customers are we’re nimble enough to help you connect with them and maximize your reach. (AKA…you're covered).
To do this for you we bring together a combo of modern and traditional skill sets:
  • Brand & Message Development
  • Local Ad placement for Broadcast, Digital, Print
  • Copywriting
  • Video & Audio creation
  • Talent Hiring & Direction
  • Customer Experience Mapping
  • Satisfaction Surveys
  • Brand Book & Customer Profiles

Efficient & Effective. Authentic & Affordable. Wabash & Lake. The Partner That Your Local Business Needs.

We deliver just that. Let's get started today.

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