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All in one…Everyday.

Wabash & Lake is much more than just a standard Advertising Agency, Branding Agency, Marketing Agency, or Marketing Team in Richmond, Virginia. We help companies and non-profits save money while improving their marketing and advertising with full hands-on support, dedicated care, and a wealth of marketing, advertising, and strategy services from our team for a fraction of the cost of adding one full-time employee to your business. 

Our Role May Be Fractional...Our Marketing Services Are Anything But.

Full-Service Marketing and Fractional CMO Services in Richmond, Virginia

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We help our partners achieve:

Strategic & long-term planning

Improved revenue streams

Time to operate & improve business

Improved client retention

Impactful Advertising & Marketing

Is your business struggling with marketing strategy, advertising plans, or even how to budget for these items? Wabash and Lake Consulting is here to help. Our Full-Service Marketing and Fractional CMO team in Richmond, Virginia provides tailored solutions for your marketing and advertising challenges to build your brand better. We act as a dedicated extension of your team, eliminating the need for hiring in-house staff and allowing you to focus on growing your business. With a commitment to developing long-lasting customer promises and an empathetic, long-term strategy to deliver those promises every time, Wabash and Lake will help turn your potential customers into loyal fans. Let us handle the complexities while you concentrate on business operations and expansion.

The core of any good brand is the promise made to its customers. We help businesses make better promises and turn potential customers into loyal fans. We do this via a strong, long-term, and empathy-based strategy that ties operations, sales, and marketing together. Our focus through it all is to connect with the hearts and minds of the savvy customers you need.

  • Brand Development

  • Ad placement for Broadcast, Digital, Print

  • Copywriting

  • Sales Presentation Development

  • Brand Messaging

  • Development of Marketing Pieces

  • Ad Creation for Broadcast, Digital, Print

  • SEO Analysis & Digital Strategy

  • Audio & Video creation

  • Brand Book Creation

Boost Your Approach to Marketing, Creative, Branding, & Advertising

Whether you are looking for a marketing consultant in Richmond, VA, or even outside of the state, finding the right group is vital to your company’s success. We will work closely with you to find the best marketing solutions to outshine your competitors and get your business in front of more people. Whether you hire our advertising agency for a particular campaign or you need us as your marketing agency for long-term assistance that changes with your needs, we will provide the help you need.

Our team seamlessly integrates with yours, acting as your Fractional Chief Marketing Officer, Marketing Support Team, and (if needed) Ad Agency—all rolled into one, at a fraction of the cost. With expertise tailored for businesses of all sizes and types, your business will benefit from our seasoned professionals working as diligently as on-site employees, offering you the flexibility you require.

You get all of that for one flat rate. And we mean that. We don’t accept any kickbacks, never have surprise markups and even refund you any and all media commissions. No catch.

Wabash & Lake - Our Team

Our process is built around the experiences of your potential customers.

Sales presentations? Outstanding marketing pieces? Digital Video Advertising? The next big idea right around the corner? No matter where your customers are, we will help you connect with them.
To do this we offer a range of services to fit your needs:



Here are several case studies of the marketing strategies, creative, advertising, and overall hard work put into our clients to make their brands better.


Emotive. Resonating. Connective.

These are a few of the businesses & non-profits that we are proud to partner with:



Drop us a note or give us a call to see why Wabash and Lake is more than just a standard Advertising Agency, Branding Agency, Marketing Agency or Marketing Team and how we can help your business grow as well.

Chesterfield Chamber of Commerce
SWAM Certified
Constant Contact Certified
Podium Solutions Partner
Hanover Chamber of Commerce
HISCOX Insurance
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