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Cravens & Noll P.C.: Transforming a 25+ Year Law Firm's Marketing Strategy for Success

When we began work with Cravens & Noll P.C., they were a 25+ year law firm in Central Virginia that was simply looking for help in creating a new Personal Injury TV campaign. We pitched them an alternative plan based on our evaluation of their brand. Instead of overspending on a simple TV-only campaign, we showed them a plan to build their brand better from top to bottom as their Fractional Marketing Team. Together we reinforced their brand with a successful review strategy, new brand and messaging strategy, new website, improved SEO and PPC plan, improved client communications, a comprehensive advertising plan, and a new Personal Injury TV campaign all for the price of their initial TV campaign request. The impact of our efforts resulted in increased customers across all of their Practice Areas including Personal Injury and the need to hire more paralegals to facilitate the increased caseload.


More than just their “ad agency,” we have partnered with Cravens & Noll to build the brand better through:


  • Strategic planning of all marketing, advertising, and non-profit/community involvement

  • Assist in executing customer appreciation parties and events

  • Consulting on and designing interior and exterior signage in their new offices.

  • Design and implementation of all marketing materials from business cards to email signatures

  • Leading all communications with marketing vendors,  advertising sales, and Press Releases

  • Directing and managing digital strategy, website design and edits, and reporting for SEO, Google My Business, industry listings, etc.

  • Directing and managing all photo and video shoots

  • Writing, directing, and creating all advertising elements including radio, TV, digital & social video ads, display ads, PPC copy, etc.

  • Negotiating and media buying for all advertising from one-offs to annual campaigns across all mediums. All agency commissions or kickbacks are always passed to the client.

  • Invoice review and auditing before submitting to the client for payment to guarantee accuracy.

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