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Donovan's Auto and Tire Center : A Remarkable Journey of Growth

When we began work with Donovan's Auto and Tire Center, they were a third-generation tire business looking to step up their marketing footprint. By building their brand better, we have helped them increase year-over-year customer count by 13% in our first year and year-over-year gross revenue by nearly 20%.


More than just their “ad agency,” we have partnered with Donovan's Auto and Tire Center to build the brand better through:


  • Strategic planning of all marketing, advertising, and non-profit/community involvement

  • Development of an easy-to-track loyalty program for existing customers

  • Leading all communications with marketing vendors and advertising sales

  • Creation of internal signage to enhance the Donovan's brand in the eyes of their customers

  • Development of an automated text-based customer retention program designed to create customer loyalty

  • Directing and managing website edits and enhancements

  • Writing, directing, and creating all advertising elements including radio, digital & social video ads, billboards etc.

  • Directing and/or creating all marketing elements including brochures, mailers, banners, etc.

  • Negotiating and media buying for all advertising from one-offs to annual campaigns across all mediums. All agency commissions or kickbacks are always passed to the client.

  • Invoice review and auditing before submitting to the client for payment to guarantee accuracy. Includes any available CO-OP.

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