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Dickie’s Seafood: From Devastation to Brand Revival with Our Marketing Expertise

When we began work with Dickie’s Seafood, they were a 40-year seafood retailer that had been devastated by a fire in their processing plant resulting in near total loss. By partnering with them as their Fractional Chief Marketing Officer we helped them raise from the ashes and build their brand better from new label designs to meetings and sales pitches with large national retailers resulting in continued sales growth and high sell-through rates.


More than just their “ad agency,” we have partnered with Dickie’s Seafood to build the brand better through:


  • Strategic planning of all marketing, advertising, and non-profit/community involvement

  • Consulting on and designing interior and exterior signage in the new factory and vehicle wraps, etc.

  • Design and implementation of all new product labels and packing

  • Leading all communications with marketing vendors and advertising sales

  • Directing and managing digital strategy, website design and edits, and reporting for SEO, Google My Business, retail grocer product listings, etc.

  • Directing and managing all photo and video shoots

  • Directing and/or creating all sales and marketing elements including brochures, mailers, banners, presentations, product sheets, etc.

  • Executing all weekly and monthly sales calls

  • Executing all Press Releases and media/industry interviews

  • Writing, directing, and creating all advertising elements including radio, TV, digital & social video ads, display ads, PPC copy, etc. Includes any available CO-OP.

  • Negotiating and media buying for all advertising from one-offs to annual campaigns across all mediums. All agency commissions or kickbacks are always passed to the client.

  • Invoice review and auditing before submitting to the client for payment to guarantee accuracy. Includes any available retail CO-OP.

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